Wasserpreis 2020: Wegen COVID-19 findet die Verleihung erst im Frühjahr 2021 statt.

Good reasons for investors

New technologies, which are in keeping with people and resources, rank among the booming growth markets of the future. At the same time, a growing awareness of a misplaced lack of balance between ecological and economical concerns has also caused a change in mindset for many investors. Demand is rising for “profit-with-purpose”. As a result, more and more money from investment funds is available for sustainable technologies, creating stronger competition.

As an asset manager, ÖKOWORLD offers a unique selling proposition for brokers and clients whose objective is financial investments which have been inspected and approved according to ethical, ecological and social sustainability criteria.

With the individual – and exclusively sustainable – ÖKOWORLD funds, the investor is able to choose the future issues most important to them, such as water, health, education, food, transport and many more, and through their investment can help to shape global processes. Today, more and more companies with socially responsible and sustainable practices are already achieving above-average returns in international markets. As a result of this, ÖKOWORLD funds have performed strongly amongst their peers. Furthermore, during a turbulent period in international money markets, the ÖKOWORLD funds have experienced noticeably smaller capital outflows than other assets. ÖKOWORLD investment funds also provide our distribution partners with real opportunities to give impetus to worthwhile processes – with first-class prospects for their investors.

ÖKOWORLD offers a meaningful alternative for institutional investors, financial service providers and private investors

We have summarised this for you in an overview of at least “11 GOOD REASONS”.