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The story of ÖKOWORLD

The roots of ÖKOWORLD go back to the company versiko, founded in 1975, which today is recognised as a pioneer in the field of sustainable investments. Over 35 years ago, then operating under the name “Alfred & Klaus – kollektive Versicherungsagentur” (collective insurance agency), the company already identified its target group: ecologically-oriented businesses and environmental organisations. Out of this small private company grew “versiko GmbH”, a private limited company, which in 1995 became “versiko AG”, a public limited company. In 1995 ÖKOVISION LUX S.A, an asset management company headquartered in Luxembourg, was founded. In 1996 the eco-investment fund ÖKOWORLD ÖKOVISION CLASSIC was set up. At an Extraordinary General Meeting at the end of December 2013, the Board and Management of versiko AG recommended to shareholders that the name of versiko AG be changed to ÖKOWORLD AG. The shareholders gave their approval. Today we are known as ÖKOWORLD AG (previously versiko AG).

The two pioneers of sustainable investment, Alfred Platow and Klaus Odenthal, brought about and revolutionised awareness of green issues in the world of finance. For both of the founders, it was never about getting a piece of the “green marketing pie”, but about putting the sustainability principle into practice. Both are still actively involved in the ÖKOWORLD company.

Since its foundation, ÖKOWORLD has made an important contribution to enabling investors to reconcile economics and ecology, independent of banks or corporate groups