Wasserpreis 2020: Wegen COVID-19 findet die Verleihung erst im Frühjahr 2021 statt.

Mission: Who are we?

We are an investment company that believes in preserving values. And creating value.

  1. What are we here for?
  2. How do we make our money?
  3. What is our actual purpose?
  4. How do we want to be perceived on the market?

1. What are we here for?

We are here to bring investment funds onto the market that are:

  • Intended to preserve values in a binding and uncompromising way. (In simple terms: the ÖKOWORLD principle completely separates financial fund management from investment selection for the investment universe. The fund management team may only invest in investments that have been approved and included in the investment universe beforehand on the basis of pre-defined social, ethical and ecological criteria. This is rendered transparent and verifiable in brochures and corresponding public annual and semi-annual reports.)
  • Returns-orientated, but not focusing on maximised returns. (In simple terms: we want to keep our fund performance constantly in the upper quarter of comparable performance by non-sustainable funds in the long term. Our fund managers are all ambitious to make the ÖKOWORLD principle a financial success.)
  • Orientated towards the long term in their investment policy. (In simple terms: sustainability / value preservation is not a "trend" that will lapse, but a fundamental principle of thoughts and actions. Every sector, every region, every type / focus of investment can choose to use or ignore this principle.) 

2. How do we make our money?

 We make our money

  • Through the administration fee we charge for our funds – which means it depends on the volume of our fund holdings.
  • We manage the volume of our fund holdings through the active sale of our investment funds and the value development achieved in our funds by the fund management team and market movements.
  • This volume is also based on the excellent reputation of our products, which leads to "automatic" incoming cash flow when the markets are on the rise and also puts the brakes on the rapid departure of our investors when the markets hit a downturn.
  • We also receive income through a performance fee if the markets and fund management trigger particularly positive price developments.

3. What is our actual purpose?

Our actual purpose is to:

  • Create, sell and manage funds
  • Keep pace with the global development of social, ethical and ecological standards which need to be observed to secure our funds and – where possible – actively drive this discussion forward
  • Observe the global markets to see which companies are becoming more values-orientated and responsible and using this as a basis for creating the investment universes for our funds
  • Analyse, select and actively manage the investments in our fund universes, in order to achieve a sustainable high-level of performance
  • Inspire people with the ÖKOWORLD principle, both sales partners and investors.

4. How do we want to be perceived on the market?

We want to be perceived on the market as

  • A company that acts with conviction
  • A company that combines values, value and economy
  • A company that generates responsible profits
  • Pioneers, inventors and lateral thinkers who are committed to what they do
  • An outstanding research team
  • A successful asset manager