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ÖKOWORLD fund products

Companies that successfully predict and manage ecological and social risks are more economically successful in the long term. This has been proven clearly in studies by independent, renowned institutes.

ÖKOWORLD funds invest exclusively in companies with a consistent sustainability policy. This means that the focus is not on profits based on "maximised returns at any price". The exclusive selection of sustainable companies avoids the risks represented by non-sustainable investments, which must not be underestimated. The sustainability obligation therefore acts like a "filter" for risk optimisation, risk management and profit orientation. Recent events have shown where profit maximisation can lead for investors, e.g. in Japan (the Tepco nuclear power station disaster in Fukushima) and the Gulf of Mexico (BP oil spill).

Customers who want an investment portfolio "checked for environmental disaster potential" in promising future sectors therefore have no way of avoiding a "sustainability filter", as the cross-sector economic principle of sustainability is proving to be increasingly significant in the world of finance as a decisive factor for long-term success.