Wasserpreis 2020: Wegen COVID-19 findet die Verleihung erst im Frühjahr 2021 statt.

The investment company ÖKOWORLD LUX S.A.

The world's first ever investment company to focus solely on sustainable investments was founded in 1995 under the name ÖKOVISION LUX S.A. The first investment fund, ÖKOVISION, which was established in May 1996, is one of the classics amongst sustainable investment funds. Today, it is called ÖKOWORLD ÖKOVISION CLASSIC.

ÖKOWORLD LUX S.A. was the first and remains the only investment company in Europe to focus exclusively on funds that follow ecological, ethical and social criteria. Our investment funds show how investors, consultants and customers can be part of the success of verified, sustainable investments.

ÖKOWORLD LUX S.A. is a subsidiary of ÖKOWORLD AG, listed on the stock exchange since 1999 (WKN 540868). ÖKOWORLD is completely free from any ties with banks and conglomerates.