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„One & only“ – the multi-level investment process of ÖKOWORLD


We refer to our multi-level investment process as a unique “one & only” ÖKOWORLD principle.

Sustainability Research

ÖKOWORLD has established an in-house sustainability research team that performs an analysis and evaluation of each proposed company. If a company is deemed suitable after applying various sustainability criteria, it is included in the investment universe for our funds. Our portfolio management team can only invest in companies that are part of this universe.

For our ÖKOVISION fund, an additional assessment of each company is undertaken by an independent investment committee that evaluates each proposed company according to predetermined sustainability criteria. Experts with backgrounds in environmental, human rights and consumer protection organisations as well as experts in environmental and socially responsible economics form the committee. 

 „Checked and deemed suitable“

Those companies that have undergone a thorough examination through the Sustainability Research and / or the investment committee will be included in the investment universe, which is a pool of companies our portfolio management can invest in. On a regular basis, every company is re-assessed to ensure continued suitability. The decisions taken by the Sustainability Research Team and the investment committee are binding on our portfolio managers.

For assessments performed for our ÖKOWORLD KLIMA and ÖKOWORLD WATER FOR LIFE funds, our Sustainability Research Team can draw on the knowledge and support by an external academic advisory council. 

„When analysts and idealists are of the same opinion, we invest.” 

Our Financial Analysts and Portfolio Managers in our Asset Management perform their own analysis and take investment decisions only on those companies that have been accepted into the investment universe. This is what makes us with our principle “one & only” unique.