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ÖKOWORLD – Engagement Strategy

Status: 10/2018

ÖKOWORLD expects companies to not only show an awareness of the matters surrounding a sustainable and equitable economy and society, but to also show evidence on how this topic is integrated into the processes of the company itself.

Therefore, ÖKOWORLD pursues an active engagement strategy and seeks an open dialogue with companies using our influence as an investor to learn more about a company and to emphasize the importance of sustainability issues.

The engagement of ÖKOWORLD can take place in various ways. Open questions are addressed to the company either in writing or verbally. Alternatively, we request an official appointment with the company and/or contact the company at an official conference. In some cases a personal visit at the company is our choice of engagement.

In many cases open questions arise during the comprehensive analysis of a company that is conducted by our internal Sustainability Research Team. Generally, those questions relate to weak points in the processes or products of a company. A dialogue with the company is then established to clarify open questions and to determine whether this company can be accepted into the investment universe of our ÖKOWORLD funds with due consideration given to our strict sustainability criteria.

ÖKOWORLD expects a detailed and comprehensive response from the company about the questions raised in order to satisfy our expectations on transparency. In some cases the response provided may not be overall positive in which case we raise our wishes for improvement with the company. Serious shortfalls, however, will lead to the rejection or exclusion of the company from our investment universe.

Sometimes we hear from companies that the questions raised by ÖKOWORLD have been raised to them for the first time. Therefore, by asking these questions, we help to increase a company´s awareness of sustainability related matters. There have even been cases in which companies have expanded their sustainability reporting as a result of the matters raised by ÖKOWORLD.

If at the outset or during the analysis conducted by our Research Team there is evidence that a company clearly violates our sustainability criteria, for example a nuclear company or arms manufacturer, no engagement with the company is initiated. When considering the sustainability criteria of ÖKOWORLD, an engagement with such company would require a total change of their business model. In other words, for us, an investment in such companies is not possible.

Since we are applying comprehensive sustainability criteria during our analysis and selection of companies for our investment universe, we do not further engage in any shareholder voting.

For any questions, please contact:

Person in charge: Caroline Glatte caroline.glatte[at]oekoworld.com

Grundsätze „zur bestmöglichen Ausführung“ der ÖKOWORLD LUX S.A.

Die ÖKOWORLD LUX S.A. (nachfolgend „ÖKOWORLD“) verpflichtet sich, bei der Ausübung ihrer Tätigkeit im ausschließlichen Interesse der Anleger und der Integrität des Marktes zu handeln. Die nachfolgenden Grundsätze enthalten die gesetzlichen Vorgaben. Dabei wird erläutert, nach welchen Ausführungsgrundsätzen die ÖKOWORLD in ihren Handelsgeschäften Entscheidungen trifft, um die bestmögliche Ausführung gewährleisten zu können.

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Die Verwaltungsgesellschaft hat im Einklang mit dem Gesetz von 2010, insbesondere unter Berücksichtigung der in Artikel 111ter des Gesetzes von 2010 festgelegten Grundsätze, eine Vergütungspolitik aufgestellt, die mit einem soliden und wirksamen Risikomanagement vereinbar und diesem förderlich sind.

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