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Press contact

Gunter Schäfer – Chief Marketing Officer/Chief Communications Officer

Gunter Schäfer has many years' experience in the advertising, communications and finance sectors, including working as an account manager for Agentur 141 Germany (Bates Gruppe), senior customer advisor for medialis marketing, Head of Marketing & Sales for frontconnection and marketing professional for Standard Life Versicherung. He moved from the Standard Life insurance company in the UK to versiko AG in 2008 – taking on the role of Marketing Manager.

He then joined ÖKOWORLD in January 2010. At this point in time, Gunter Schäfer took over an expanded leadership role as Marketing & PR Director at ÖKOWORLD. He also continued to be the press representative for versiko AG. His main task at ÖKOWORLD is to provide support for the development of existing customer relations and the establishment of new customer relations for all ÖKOWORLD funds. He reports on behalf of his staff unit directly to the Chairman of the Executive Board, Alfred Platow.

As press representative, Gunter Schäfer is available for interview and press queries.

Tel.: +49 2103 - 929-210
E-mail: gunter.schaefer[at]versiko.de