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ÖKOVISION Investment Committee awards prizes for sustainability leadership; nine global firms presented with awards in Düsseldorf

International winners of the ÖKOVISION SUSTAINABILITY LEADERSHIP AWARD at the Hyatt Hotel in Düsseldorf’s “Media Harbour” district

On the evening of 12 September, in the Düsseldorf Hyatt, the ÖKOVISION SUSTAINABILITY LEADERSHIP AWARD was awarded to nine companies by the independent ÖKOVISION Investment Committee and asset management company ÖKOWORLD. The awards were equally ranked and presented in alphabetical order.

Representatives of the global Top Nine personally attended the press conference and Gala to receive their prizes. Present amongst others were: Prerana Langa, Group Executive Vice-President of YES Bank, India; Marivic Sugapong, Chief Risk Officer and Luis Juan Oreta, Chief Finance Officer from Manila Water of the Philippines; Per Strand, Quality Manager from JM AB of Sweden; and Hannes Roither, Head of Corporate Communications at Palfinger AG in Austria. Guests included ÖKOWORLD founders Alfred Platow and Klaus Odenthal, in-house sustainability research and fund management professionals, the Board of versiko AG, numerous investors and ÖKOWORLD customers as well as media representatives and colleagues from ÖKOVISON. The 11 members of the independent ÖKOVISION Investment Committee were in attendance as guests of honour, including Co-Chairmen R. Andreas Kraemer and Martin Kunz who appeared as keynote speakers.

Click here to read the press release of 18 September 2012

The “Global Top Nine”!

The following companies received awards: The “Global Top Nine”!

  • BOIRON (FRANCE) – one of the world’s largest producers of homeopathic medicines, the company has played a major part in increasing the role of homeopathy, and is currently conducting 85 research projects; the company was founded in 1932.

  • JM (SWEDEN) – one of Scandinavia’s leading property development companies, which develops houses and commercial properties according to the strictest ecological standards (for example, low energy houses and green buildings) and promotes long-term quality and concern for environmental considerations throughout its business activities.

  • MANILA WATER (PHILIPPINES) – a water and waste-water treatment company in the eastern Metropolitan Manila region, which is responsible for supplying 6.1 million residents with water. 23% of MANILA WATER’s customers live in the slum district of Metropolitan Manila. In under ten years, MANILA WATER has raised the uninterrupted water supply in the eastern district of Manila from 26% to 99%.

  • NATURA COSMÉTICOS (BRAZIL) – the Brazilian market leader in the manufacture of personal care products and cosmetics and a leading company in the sustainable use of Brazil’s biodiversity. The company has co-operative partnerships with local businesses who provide natural ingredients, particularly in the Amazon region, and stands for the preservation of Brazilian biodiversity and local knowledge.

  • PALFINGER (AUSTRIA) – a leading manufacturer of hydraulic lifting equipment and loading machines designed for efficient use and a reduction in fuel consumption, the company operates all sites in the most environmentally friendly and efficient way possible and uses natural resources as efficiently as possible.

  • SHIMANO (JAPAN) – a leading manufacturer of bicycle components which promotes sustainable mobility worldwide and is known as a market leader and driving force for innovations in bicycle gear shifts.

  • SMA SOLAR (GERMANY) – the market leader for solar inverters and a producer of intelligent, computer-based control systems for decentralised energy supply and solar power plants as well as electronic components for railway technology.

  • WHOLE FOODS MARKET (USA) – an organic food supermarket chain with 300 branches in the USA, Canada and Great Britain and a wide variety of sustainably produced foods from bakery products through to wine, which is profiting from the growing demand for organically grown and healthy foods.

  • YES BANK (INDIA) – the fourth largest private bank in India with sustainable financial services for institutional, corporate and private clients, and over 380 branches in 275 towns. YES BANK offers “Responsible Banking” as a solution for social and ecological problems, and socially responsible investments.

For the nine companies, the awards should be both an endorsement of, and an incentive for, the continuation of their valuable contribution towards the “greening” of the economy and sustainable development.

“Profit with purpose” and “Prizes with purpose”

The prizes awarded were gifts from OxfamUnverpackt (Oxfam Germany’s Oxfam Unwrapped service), with each company receiving a gift to the value of 1000 euros. The unique gifts from OxfamUnverpackt represent donations to support the work done by the aid and development organisation Oxfam Deutschland e.V. Each gift pertains to one of four areas – to promote education, to safeguard livelihoods, to improve health or to alleviate hardship – and finances Oxfam’s work in the respective area.

The 9000 euros donated by ÖKOWORLD will be used as follows:

  • 2000 euros on “promoting education”. This could be, for example, building schools, providing classroom equipment or running educational campaigns in the Congo, Burundi or Zimbabwe.

  • 3000 euros on “safeguarding livelihoods”. This could be, for example, goats, sheep and donkeys in Zimbabwe, Ethiopia or Somalia.

  • 2000 euros on “improving health”. This could be, for example, well construction, medication or HIV education campaigns in Zimbabwe, Malawi or South Africa.

  • 2000 euros on “alleviating hardship”. This could be, for example, supplying drinking water, shelters and latrines in Haiti, Pakistan and Somalia.